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Please help us spread the word about the catastrophic decline of the world's smallest cetacean. The number one threat to the vaquita is incidental capture in illegal gillnets, and with the species plummeting to less than 15 individuals, education is ever-more imperative.

Following the recent poaching scandal in vaquita habitat, we at Island Press felt compelled to take action.

For a limited time, our internationally praised e-book VAQUITA: Science, Politics, and Crime in the Sea of Cortez is available through Amazon (Kindle)<https://www.amazon.com/Vaquita-Science-Politics-Crime-Cortez-ebook/dp/B07F1MX9X5/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1534624186&sr=8-1&keywords=vaquita+science> and our Island Press website (e-Pub version)<https://islandpress.org/books/vaquita> at a price of only 99 cents! A 97% discount. Sale ends February 1.

Our decision to offer this unique sale came after 80 boats holding hundreds of poachers took to the waters off San Felipe, Mexico, where no fishing is allowed. They brazenly entered the Vaquita Refuge-the "zero tolerance area"-and working together in broad daylight hauled in a maelstrom of gillnets stuffed with over 500 endangered totoabas. The fishes' swim bladders were carved out to be dried and smuggled to China as part of the multi-billion-dollar black market in wildlife parts, bloody bodies quickly dumped overboard. When authorities arrived on scene, they were reportedly held back by gunfire.

In addition to totoaba, how many vaquitas may have been killed in the frenzy?

We MUST heighten awareness. As conservationists struggle against a stronghold of organized crime and corruption, biologist Brooke Bessesen takes readers on a first-hand journey to understand why and how this is happening. The story applies to species protection efforts around the globe and adeptly addresses key elements in the worldwide conservation crisis.

Take this opportunity to read VAQUITA. And send a 99-cent copy to anyone you think may be interested.

A lucid, informed, and gripping account...a must-read. -Science
Passionate...a heartfelt and alarming tale. -Publishers Weekly
Intrepid conservation detective story. -Nature
Compelling. -Library Journal
Wonderful, heartbreaking... beautifully written. -Nature Conservancy
A well-told and moving tale of environmentalism and conservation. -Kirkus
STARRED -Booklist

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