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Greetings MARMAN,

We’re happy to announce a new project!

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a Citizen Science program
that promote the study and conservation of Sperm Whale in the Canary
Islands, Spain.

The Society for the Study of Cetacean in the Canary Archipelago (SECAC) is
a non-profit scientific organization focused on research, conservation and
scientific dissemination on cetacean in the Canary Islands, Spain. Thirty
species (mostly oceanic and little known worldwide, such as sperm whales
and beaked whales) have been recorded in these waters. SECAC is based on
the island of Lanzarote, a Biosphere Reserve. SECAC offers interested
people a Citizen Science program that promotes participation, environmental
education, the study of marine biodiversity and the conservation of
cetaceans and their habitat, in addition to maintaining this long-term
research program.

The purpose of this study is to deepen the scientific knowledge of the
sperm whale (and other cetacean) and evaluate their conservation status.
The work methodology includes conducting marine visual and acoustic surveys
to know the distribution, abundance, habitat use, movements, social
structure and conservation status of this species in the area. This project
aims to obtain scientific data to support conservation measures. Field
trips are carried out on the SECAC research vessel; field work is subject
to weather conditions. No previous experience required. All you need is
interest in cetaceans, conservation and a positive attitude.



   Receive training and gain experience in research, biology and ecology of
   sperm whale and other cetacean.

   Participate in daily research expeditions by boat (subject to weather

   Collect data on cetacean behavior, group size, photo-identification,
   acoustic recording (passive acoustic monitoring using a towed  hydrophone
   array ), drone images, etc.

   The data analysis will be carried out daily and will involve entering
   data into established databases and spreadsheets, photo identification
   processing and preliminary data interpretation.

   The donation required for 7 project days (trips to the sea, theoretical
   and practical sessions, accommodation on the sailboat and full board meal)
   is 950 euros.

For more information :
secaclanzarote at gmail.com
participacion at cetaceos.org

All the best,


Society for the Study of the Cetacean in the Canary Archipelago (SECAC)
Av. Coll, 3   35500 Arrecife
Lanzarote, Islas Canarias
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