[MARMAM] New presentation: Automating Wildlife Conservation for Cetaceans

Jason Holmberg holmbergius at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 08:13:38 PST 2020

Dear readers,

I am pleased to announce a recorded online presentation entitled
"Automating Wildlife Conservation for Cetaceans" delivered recently at
NeurIPS, presenting the engineering work of Wild Me (wildme.org) for fully
automated, multi-feature, multi-species machine learning for Photo ID in
the Flukebook.org platform.

The recorded link for the in-depth presentation is here:

Parham, J. "Automating Wildlife Conservation for Cetaceans". 34th
Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2020), 6-12
December 2020. Online Conference, Canada (C20-12-06). Conference

Follow up questions are invited and can be directed to Jason Parham (
parham at wildme.org) or Jason Holmberg (jason at wildme.org).

Thank you,
Jason Holmberg

Jason Holmberg (he/him/his)

Executive Director, Wild Me

A.I. and humans combating extinction together.
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