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Marine Pollution Bulletin is currently accepting manuscripts for a special collection under the theme "Approaches to addressing underwater noise in Canada." All manuscripts must be submitted by the deadline of February 28, 2021.

Complementing existing research and noise-reduction efforts around the country, the Government of Canada has recently initiated various efforts to reduce anthropogenic noise in the oceans arising from its own activities, as well as the industries it manages. For example, research programs that have been funded under the Oceans Protection Plan (OPP) and the Whales Initiative are currently working to support management by establishing a better understanding of noise impacts on Southern Resident killer whales and North Atlantic right whales. Elsewhere, joint government-university research efforts have examined shipping noise in the St. Lawrence Estuary and the Arctic Ocean. On the management side reductions in noise levels are expected from the vessel slow-downs that have been implemented in key whale habitats on both the east and west coasts. Technical workshops organized by Transport Canada have advanced the development of quiet ship design standards and technologies. The Department of National Defence has developed enhanced mitigation measures for naval exercises near habitats used by the Southern Resident killer whale. In support of all these efforts, Fisheries and Oceans have taken steps to identify appropriate metrics for measuring anthropogenic noise and examine the applicability of the noise threshold approach used in the United States to Canadian regulations and law. To address the fragmented regulatory environment, the Government of Canada is currently developing a national Ocean Noise Strategy to better coordinate ocean noise management and research activities. This special collection of papers is intended to gather together information on all these efforts, as well as those by external partners, to help interested parties review and assess them collectively.

If you are planning to submit an article please let us know so we can keep track of potential manuscripts, identify appropriate reviewers in a timely manner, and manage workload.

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