[MARMAM] New publication: Effects of intense storm events on dolphin occurrence and foraging behavior

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My coauthors and I are pleased to announce our newest publication, which
discusses the effects of storms on bottlenose dolphin occurrence and

*Title*: Effects of intense storm events on dolphin occurrence and foraging
*Authors*: Amber D. Fandel, A. Garrod, A. L. Hoover, J. E. Wingfield, V.
Lyubchich, D. H. Secor, K. B. Hodge, A. N. Rice & H. Bailey

The paper is available with open access under the following link:

*Abstract*: As storms become increasingly intense and frequent due to
climate change, we must better understand how they alter environmental
conditions and impact species. However, storms are ephemeral and provide
logistical challenges that prevent visual surveys commonly used to
understand marine mammal ecology. Thus, relatively little is known about
top predators’ responses to such environmental disturbances. In this study,
we utilized passive acoustic monitoring to characterize the response of
bottlenose dolphins to intense storms offshore Maryland, USA between 2015
and 2017. During and following four autumnal storms, dolphins were detected
less frequently and for shorter periods of time. However, dolphins spent a
significantly higher percentage of their encounters feeding after the storm
than they did before or during. This change in foraging may have resulted
from altered distributions and behavior of their prey species, which are
prone to responding to environmental changes, such as varied sea surface
temperatures caused by storms. It is increasingly vital to determine how
these intense storms alter oceanography, prey movements, and the behavior
of top predators.

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