[MARMAM] Postdoc position opening - cetacean foraging ecology

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Tue Dec 1 01:36:34 PST 2020

Dear Marmam,

We are currently opening a position for a postdoc on marine 
predator-prey dynamics, with a focus on cetacean foraging ecology.

The Royal NIOZ is looking for an excellent, highly motivated postdoc 
with a keen interest in marine foraging ecology and food web dynamics. 
The candidate will be working in a multidisciplinary research project 
driven by the NIOZ department of Coastal Systems and the Institute for 
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED, University of Amsterdam). The 
project aims to investigate the dynamics between cetacean predators and 
prey. This project will investigate the foraging strategy and target 
prey population of several cetaceans, off the Azores.In this 
multi-disciplinary project, we link expertise in animal movement, marine 
ecology and behavioural and social ecology. The study will be integrated 
in an existing long-term field study and NWO Veni Project, with field 
work taking place at the Azores (Portugal).

For this project we seek an outstanding candidate with a special 
interest in predator-prey dynamics and marine foraging ecology, who 
combines strong analytical skills with excellent capability to conduct 
fieldwork in the marine environment. The candidate should have a PhD 
degree in the field of marine ecology/biology or animal behaviour and 
demonstrated strong ability in quantitative analysis of multivariate 
data sets, preferably echo sounder, acoustic and/or multi-sensor tag 
data. The candidate can handle the challenge of integrating data sets 
from a variety of sensors, and writing computer code (Matlab/R). The 
project requires a candidate with demonstrated proficiency in and 
experience with marine field research, including skills such as 
tracking/data collection, experiments, prey layer tracking. Furthermore, 
the candidate should have strong social skills, team-spirit, ability to 
supervise student teams, a strong work-ethic, ability to work 
independently and an intrinsic interest to explore new avenues of 
research. Good English oral and written skills are essential, knowledge 
of Dutch/Portuguese is a pre.

We offer you a fulltime position for 2 years, a yearly 8% vacation 
allowance, year-end bonus and flexible employment conditions. Our labour 
policies are based on the Collective Labour Agreement of Research 
Centres (WVOI). Cost of relocation and help with housing is provided by 
the Royal NIOZ. The candidate will be employed by NIOZ. The work will be 
executed at NIOZ (Texel Island, the Netherlands) and University of 

The full application can be viewed here:

Closing date: January 6th.
Interviews: week of January 18th

For additional information about this vacancy, please contact Dr. Fleur 
Visser (f.visser at uva.nl).
For additional information about the procedure, please contact Sigrid 
Moerbeek (senior HR advisor, NIOZ). Email: Sigrid.moerbeek at nioz.nl

Best regards,

Fleur Visser

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