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Animal Care Manager- Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI)

Registered Charity No 20108519

About Seal Rescue Ireland:

Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) is a registered charity that works around the
clock to rescue, rehabilitate and release seals found sick, injured or
orphaned from across the coast of Ireland.  Most reports are for young Grey
Seals (Halichoerus grypus) and Common Seals (Phoca vitulina). As the only
seal rescue centre within the Republic of Ireland, SRI respond to reports
nationwide and aims to rehabilitate the pups back to full health so they
can be returned to the wild. SRI is committed to promoting ocean
conservation and sustainability through active education, community
engagement and research programmes, in order to proactively protect the
marine environment and all life within.

About the Animal Care Manager Position:

The Animal Care Manager (ACM) is responsible for overseeing daily
operations of SRI’s wildlife rehabilitation hospital and ensuring the
facility is providing the best in animal welfare. This includes
coordinating rescues, keeping records, determining treatment plans,
training staff and volunteers on animal husbandry, ordering supplies,
managing inventory, hospital maintenance, and facilitating collaboration
with veterinarians, researcher institutions and other rehabilitation
centres worldwide. This is a high paced position split between overseeing
animal care, management tasks and administration in the office. The
candidate will be required to work closely with the Executive Director and
Operational Team in all aspects involved in running a wildlife hospital
including but not limited to animal care, budgeting, and assisting in
rescues and releases. The Animal Care Manager is responsible for overseeing
and delegating responsibilities to a team of Assistant Animal Care Managers
as well as long term and short term volunteers.

Animal Care Manager Responsibilities Include:


   Conduct physical examinations, health assessments and sample collection
   from patients to enable their progression through the rehabilitation
   process and support ongoing research projects

   Oversee and advise Rescue Network as to whether response is appropriate,
   and when so, guide appropriate response and initiation of care including
   husbandry and treatment

   Support Assistant Animal Care Managers and staff after-hours with
   telephone advice and respond to on-site emergencies as needed to ensure
   prompt response

   Develop, implement and execute diagnostic and therapeutic plans for all
   patients in conjunction with local veterinary to ensure continuity and high
   standard of care

   Complete and maintain patient medical records including specific reports
   required for protected species in accordance with government licensing
   regulations, and update all pertinent information in electronic database

   Assist in the clinical training and mentorship of hospital staff,
   interns and volunteers

   Provide on site support for marine mammal research projects with partner
   institutions and collaborators to ensure timely progression of
   collaborative project


   Oversee daily hospital operations at centre to ensure animal welfare and
   health and safety of all hospital volunteers, staff and visitors

   Oversees management of Seal Records Database and all hospital records

   Develop and maintain administration of professional documents including
   protocols, prescriptions, handbooks and licensing.

   Develop and research improved animal care and welfare, hygiene protocols
   and life support systems.

   Develop, deploy and oversee enrichment programme

   Oversee hospital inventory, stock checks and ordering supplies

   Oversee and train interns, volunteers and staff in animal care protocols
   and practices

   Oversees maintenance and upkeep of the hospital and hospital equipment

   Assists with educational talks, tours, fundraisers, educational events,
   clerical duties and office work as needed

   Represents Seal Rescue Ireland at networking events, conferences,
   trainings, seal releases, and outreach events.

Applicant Requirements:


   Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s preferred) in Biology, Ecology,
   Vet Science, Mammalogy, Animal Behaviour, Animal Care, Wildlife Science,
   Marine Science, or related field.

   Minimum of 2 years of experience in clinical marine mammal care,
   including familiarity with current wild stranded marine mammal health and
   disease issues

   Minimum of 2 years experience managing a team.

   Must have permission to work within the EU.

   Ability to communicate well with a team responsible for animal care
   including strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to lead and
   motivate others (volunteers, visitors and staff)

   Ability to supervise and help train interns, staff and volunteers to
   advance their knowledge in marine mammal medicine

   Ability to use computer database and Microsoft Outlook and other
   programmes to carry out electronic medical records and research

   Ability to maintain a professional manner while interacting with public,
   colleagues and volunteers, both in person and through electronic

   Must have a positive attitude and work well in a team environment

   Must have flexibility to work long, irregular hours, including late
   nights, early mornings, holidays and weekends.

   Strong writing and public speaking skills are desired.

Position Details:

Location: Seal Rescue Ireland, Courtown, Co Wexford, Ireland

Hours: Full-time (40 hours per week)

Remuneration: €21,528 Annual Salary

Additional Benefits: Food, utilities and accommodation in staff housing are
available for €90 per week. Free room and board may be available based on a
performance review after the first three months.

Reports to: Executive Director and Operations Team

To apply, please send: CV, Cover Letter, completed application form
and TWO Letters of Recommendation to: operations at sealrescueireland.org

*Ellen De Vos*
Operations Manager | Seal Rescue Ireland
Phone:  053 942 4980
Rescue hotline:  087 195 5393
Site:  www.sealrescueireland.org
Email: operations at sealrescueireland.org
Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20108519
Address:  Courtown Harbour, Co. Wexford, Ireland
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