[MARMAM] Long term occurrence of Southern right whales in northern Argentina

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Hi all,
On behalf of all the authors, we would like to call your attention to
our paper on the long term occurrence of Southern right whales in
northern Argentina.
PDFs are available upon request to dhrodri at gmail.com
Thank you!
Diego Rodríguez

Mandiola, M. A., Giardino, G., Bastida, J., Morón, S., Rodríguez, D.
H., & Bastida, R. (2020). Half a century of sightings data of southern
right whales in Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Journal of
the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 100(1),
165-171. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0025315419001036

In South-western Atlantic waters, individuals of the southern right
whale (SRW) Eubalaena australis spend part of the year (the austral
winter and spring) in northern inshore waters where they breed and
then migrate to southern feeding grounds during the summer. Mar del
Plata (MDP) is located between two main reproductive areas (Península
Valdés-Argentina and Santa Catarina-Brazil). The purpose of the
present study is to report the presence of SRWs on their journey off
the coast of MDP based on sighting records during the past half
century. We carried out whale observations through systematic weekly
coastal marine mammal surveys in different points of the MDP area from
1966 to 2016. The first SRW sighting was recorded in 1970; since then,
sighting frequency has gradually increased, reaching a peak of 28
sightings (N = 63 whales) in 2016. These are unique long-term sighting
records of SRWs in Argentina and the first on their journey off the
shores of Buenos Aires province. We expect that these results will
help local authorities to regulate tourism and other activities in the
area and thereby contribute to the conservation of the species.

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