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Anaïs Remili anaremili at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 13:45:55 PDT 2020

Dear all,

I recently founded a marine mammal science website called Whale Scientists
<https://whalescientists.com/> with my colleague, Naomi Mathew. We are two
PhD students working on marine mammals. The goal of our website is to 1)
share scientific knowledge with the public in a fun and accessible way; 2)
provide tips for aspiring marine mammalogists; and 3) share stories of
early career marine mammalogists, to inspire the public and aspiring

We are looking for guest writers in our marine mammal science
<https://whalescientists.com/whale-science/>page; topics could range from
but are not limited to: how whales evolved, explanation of a recent paper,
or the latest news on a specific event like the release of two captive
belugas. The goal of these posts is to explain a scientific topic in an
understandable and enjoyable manner for the general public.

We are also looking for guest writers for our "how to
<https://whalescientists.com/how-to/>" pages to provide tips for aspiring
marine mammalogists. We already have posts on how to find internships, how
to find a graduate program, etc.

Even though we launched three months ago, we received a lot of positive
feedback and over 10 000 visits. We are still growing as we explore new
information sharing platforms and post more articles.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide monetary compensation for your
contributions, but we do create for each guest writer a specific author
page with their posts. You will be able to include your author page to a CV
or grant application to show your contributions to scientific
communication. Here is an example of an author page here
<https://whalescientists.com/author/anaisremili/ >. We prepared writing
guidelines to help you with drafting your posts and we are available to
help you through the entire publishing process.

You can contact us at: whalescientists at gmail.com.

Best wishes,
Anaïs Remili,
PhD student, McGill University
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