[MARMAM] Sociality in Marine Mammals

Janet Mann mannj2 at georgetown.edu
Fri Aug 7 13:46:05 PDT 2020

Dear Marmam Colleagues,

I am co-editing a special issue in Frontiers in Marine Science on
"Sociality in the Marine Environment". We are particularly interested in
papers on marine mammals, although other marine fauna will be part of this
issue. Our focus is on what aspects of the marine environment drive (or
constrain!) social living - a topic which can be approached from a variety
of perspectives. Marine mammalogists have led the way in developing methods
and analytic techniques for understanding social dynamics in the marine
environment. Abstracts are due *October 8th* and submissions from the
marine mammal community are* strongly *encouraged.


Janet Mann, Ph.D. website
Professor of Biology & Psychology, Georgetown University
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