[MARMAM] Reminder: Anthropogenic Sound Source Webinar on Commercial Vessel Noise, September 18, 2019, 12pm EDT

Holly Morin holly_morin at uri.edu
Tue Sep 17 08:30:55 PDT 2019

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As part of the 2019 Underwater Sound Sources Webinar Series <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2019/>, the Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) <http://www.dosits.org/> Team will host a free, 60-minute webinar on commercial vessel noise as an underwater sound source, tomorrow, Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at 12pm EDT. This webinar, led by Michelle Sanders and Tabitha Takeda (Transport Canada), will provide an overview of the sound source, an update on current research efforts, and a review of noise mitigation measures. An extended period of facilitated discussion will also be included.

Interested individuals must register in advance for this webinar. 
To register please visit: https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2019/ <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2019/>

An outline of for this webinar presentation, with links to relevant DOSITS content, is available on the Decision Makers Webinars <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/> page.  Participants are encouraged to review this outline, as well as archived webinars on the potential effects of underwater sound on marine animals, before each sound source webinar. All webinars will be recorded and archived on the DOSITS website (Decision Makers Webinars <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/>).

A second anthropogenic sound source webinar will be led by Frans-Peter Lam (TNO) and Kelly Benoit-Bird (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute), and will focus on military sonars and echosounders, respectively.  This webinar will take place at 12:00pm EDT on Thursday, October 10, 2019.  

To learn more about this webinar series or to view previous webinars, please visit the DOSITS webpage, Decision Makers Webinars <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/>.  Associated webinars and their resources were conducted in 2018, and have been archived here <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/webinars-2018/>.

Questions?  Please contact Holly Morin at holly_morin at uri.edu <mailto:holly_morin at uri.edu>.
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