[MARMAM] New paper entitled the Nutritional Ecology of Marine Apex Predators

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Sat Sep 14 17:12:00 PDT 2019

Dear Marmam,

We are pleased to announce the publication of our paper entitled “The
Nutritional Ecology of Marine Apex Predators”

Gabriel E. Machovsky-Capuska & David Raubenheimer



Apex predators play pivotal roles in marine ecosystems, mediated
principally through diet and nutrition. Yet, compared with terrestrial
animals, the nutritional

ecology of marine predators is poorly understood. One reason is that the
field has adhered to an approach that evaluates diet principally in terms
of energy gain.

Studies in terrestrial systems, by contrast, increasingly adopt a
multidimensional approach, the nutritional geometry framework, that
distinguishes specific

nutrients and calories. We provide evidence that a nutritional approach is
likewise relevant to marine apex predators, then demonstrate how
nutritional geometry

can characterize the nutrient and energy content of marine prey. Next, we
show how this framework can be used to reconceptualize ecological
interactions via the

ecological niche concept, and close with a consideration of its application
to problems in marine predator research.

Please feel free to contact me for the pdf including the name of the paper
in the subject area (to avoid spam emails!).

We also welcome enquiries regarding to the possibility of exploring new
research collaborations on this field.




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