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Volunteer cetacean and seabird survey opportunity - in the Western English
Channel, Celtic and Irish Sea: 


In partnership with CEFAS, MARINElife will once again be joining the Peltic
survey this autumn from Swansea, through the Celtic Sea and Irish Sea and
English Channel, ending in Lowestoft.


Two survey legs 14 days each. 

(1) 30th September or 3rd October to the 14th October

(2) 14th October to the 28th October.  


A total of 28 days - part or both survey legs available. 


An excellent variety of cetacean and seabird species are likely to be
encountered on this trip, with the opportunity to join and learn from a
multidisciplinary team carrying out pelagic fish and plankton surveys and
collecting oceanographic data. It is a great opportunity to contribute to
analyses linking mammals and seabird sightings to prey availability.


Please let us know if you are an experienced seabird and/or cetacean
surveyor and have availability on these dates. Or are available for the
first or second part of the survey, as there may be opportunity to split
teams dependent on the level of response. All meals are provided on board
the vessel; specific dietary requirements must be specified in your
application. Bunks have a bed, en-suite bathroom, TV, desk and internet
access. There is also access to the communal areas of the ship.




*       Experienced in cetacean and/or seabird identification at sea.


*       A valid ENG1 medical certificate (see
www.dft.gov.uk/mca/mcga-mgn264.pdf and
/mcga-ml5-medicalinfo/mcga-approved-docs-list.htm )


*       Personal Sea Survival Certificate (MCA approved Personal Survival
Techniques (according to STCW 95 convention). Along with being able to
attend a Working on or near the water course in Lowestoft in July or
September.  It is really important that you have or obtain the correct PST
certificate to be able to join this trip.


A BOSIET Offshore survival certificate 


STCW10 Sea survival course

(Neither of the latter two would require the additional training in



If you would like to join the research team as a Marine Mammal & Seabird
Surveyor, please email tom.brereton at marine-life.org.uk
<mailto:tom.brereton at marine-life.org.uk>  including a CV or brief summary of


I look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Brereton


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