[MARMAM] High qualified MMO/PAM course Savona Italy, october.

Moidjio CRCAD Moidjio at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 4 20:29:40 PDT 2019

Dear marine mammals observers community,

 Menkab el respiro del mare in partnership with Moidjio CRCAD is welcoming you in the Pelagos sanctuary, in Savona for an ACCOBAMS accredited course to become an observer of excellence ! Our has develop a complete course with a big emphasis on PAM and field practice with our expert team of both organisation. This is one of the best place to train as you will have the opportunity to observe for Cuvier Beaked whales, Spermwhales, fin whales, striped dolphins and bottlenose dolphins plus more if lucky. We are planning a 6 days course with plenty of sea time (4days) and practice with Pam gears and PAMGUARD software file setting to built your own !!!!

The cost is of 650 Euros.

Please contact violi.biagio at gmail.com or moidjio at hotmail.com

Space are limited and demand high!

Book asap.

Benjamin Wambergue and Biagio Violi.

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