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Thu Sep 5 07:58:49 PDT 2019

Dear all MARMAM suscribers,

On behalf of my co-author, I am please to announce our new publication:

Paula Méndez-Fernandez, Satie Taniguchi, Marcos C. O. Santos, Irma 
Cascão, Sophie Quérouil, Vidal Martín, Marisa Tejedor, Manuel Carrillo, 
Caroline Rinaldi, Renato Rinaldi, Dalia C. Barragán-Barrera, Nohelia 
Farías-Curtidor, Susana Caballero, Rosalinda C. Montone (2019) 
Population structure of the Atlantic spotted dolphin (/Stenella 
frontalis/) inferred through ecological markers. Aquat Ecol 

The publication is available from the authors or at the link below for 
four weeks:

Population structure studies play an increasingly integral role in 
conservation and management of marine mammal species. Genetic markers
are commonly used; however, ecological markers (i.e. chemical compounds) 
are a fairly recent and useful tool to investigate ecological management 
units. The objective of this study is to investigate the population 
structure of the Atlantic spotted dolphin (/Stenella frontalis/) within 
its distribution in the Atlantic Ocean using data from stable isotopes 
of d13C and d15N and persistent organic pollutants as ecological 
markers. Based on previous studies that addressed distribution, 
morphometric analyses and molecular and ecological markers, we 
hypothesize that there are several ecological management units within 
the Atlantic Ocean. Our results confirmed population differentiation 
previously detected using genetic markers. Additionally, dolphins from 
the south-eastern coast of Brazil do not show complete ecological 
segregation from the Caribbean ones, while molecular analyses suggested 
genetic differentiation between the two regions. In the
light of these results, we propose that at least two ecological 
management units should be considered, east and west of the Atlantic 
Ocean; however, the presence of one or two management units along the 
Atlantic coast of Central and South America needs further investigation.

Best regards,

Paula Méndez-Fernandez


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