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Rui Prieto rcabprieto at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 04:10:26 PDT 2019

Dear Marmaners,


Some days ago I posted a request for information on suction cups vendors,
for cetacean tagging work. First, I would like to show my appreciation to
all who took time to respond.


Below is a list of the suggestions I received, in alphabetical order, in
case it is useful to someone else out there.


Best regards,


Rui Prieto



1900 engineering (https://www.researchmicrospeckle.com/)

Andrew Cannon runs 1900 engineering. Among other things they developed and
produce multi-material anti-skid suction cups for 'slippery' species (such
as blue whales), reportedly with encouraging results. (Thanks to Lars
Kleivane from lkarts.no for this tip). 


CATs (www.CATs.is).

CATs produces customized tags, including their own suction cups that can be
sold separately. Tags and cups have been extensively tested on several
species. (Thanks to Elliot Hazen and Jeremy Kiszka for mentioning CATs).


EHEIM (https://www.eheim.com)

EHEIM is a distributor of equipment for aquariums, including suction cups.
Suction cups from them have been tested for short-term (couple of hours)
deployments on dolphins. (Thanks to Klaus Lucke from jasco.com for this


Vi-cas (https://vi-cas.com/).

The Crittercam people use suction cups from vi-cas, reportedly with good
results. Vis-cas is an industrial suction cup manufacturer but they seem to
be receptive to work with researchers and modify designs to accommodate
special needs (Thanks to Kyler Abernathy from NG Labs for this info).


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