[MARMAM] New paper on blue whale reproductive competition and D-Calls

Elena Schall elena.schall at awi.de
Thu Sep 5 02:37:51 PDT 2019

We are pleased to announce our new paper in Marine Mammal Science on 
blue whale reproductive competition and the use of D-Calls:

*Visual and passive acoustic observations of blue whale trios from two 
distinct populations*
Elena Schall, Lucia Di Iorio, Catherine Berchok, Diego Filún, Luis 
Bedriñana‐Romano, Susannah J. Buchan, Ilse Van Opzeeland, Richard Sears 
& Rodrigo Hucke‐Gaete

This note is available as an early view version with open access under 
the following link:


Best regards,

Elena Schall

Elena Schall
PhD Student
Ocean Acoustics Lab
Alfred Wegener Institute
Helmholtz Centre for Polar
and Marine Research

Klußmannstr. 3d
27570 Bremerhaven
email: elena.schall at awi.de
Phone: +49(471)4831-2157

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