[MARMAM] Workshop on Science Communication, Marine Mammal Conference, Barcelona

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Sun Sep 1 23:29:40 PDT 2019

Want to save the marine mammals you care about? Want to convince others that the science you are doing is interesting and important? Want the public (donors and law makers) to support your work?

Then you need to understand how we have evolved to communicate and then how to use that to do a better job getting people to listen to your message.

We have moved from a period where scientists could rely on journalists to carry the load for us. That day doesn’t exist anymore. And if you can’t effectively communicate, then all your hard work will go nowhere.

In this workshop we will explain and demonstrate how to catch and maintain the attention of your audiences (from social media to conference presentations to board meetings). We may not be able to transform you into Mark Twain, but we can get everyone to a place where their reach can be significantly increased and where they can move that further by then teaching others.

Join us on December 7 for half a day and leave armed to better protect the species you care about.

Register for “Win More Battles for Marine Mammals!!! Science Communication for REAL Impact<applewebdata://E78ECB41-981E-4712-BF69-FE89C88DE615#Win_More_Battles_for_Marine_Mammals!!!_>”:

And please feel free to contact Jennifer Lewis if you have any questions at: jlewis33 at gmu.edu

Jennifer Lewis, PhD

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