[MARMAM] Journal of Animal Biotelemetry: New 'Methodology' Article Type

Steingass, Sheanna Sheanna.Steingass at oregonstate.edu
Tue Oct 22 16:13:44 PDT 2019

Hello MARMAMers,

The Open Access journal Animal Biotelemetry (https://animalbiotelemetry.biomedcentral.com/) is excited to introduce an additional new article type that is now open for submissions: the ‘Methodology’ article type:

Methodology articles are suitable for the presentation of novel, updated or improved methods. This may include reporting on new hardware implementations, or new software – such as on-board signal processing algorithms or analytical approaches applied to data collected from bio-logging devices.
The article scope should encompass demonstration of viability of the novel method by presenting validation or calibration data, beyond mere introduction of a theoretical concept. The distinction to Research type articles lies in the focus on presenting data relevant to device, sensor or process calibration or validation, as opposed to data for the testing of biological hypotheses.
For inquiries or questions, please direct correspondence to the journal, or an Editor-in-Chief: https://animalbiotelemetry.biomedcentral.com/
Very best regards,
Sheanna Steingass, PhD

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