[MARMAM] Invitation to take part in Training Internships - Namibian Dolphin Project - Jun-Aug 2020.

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The Namibian Dolphin Project, was established in 2008 to study the whales,
dolphins and turtles of Namibia. Since then we have published over 20
papers on humpback whales, bottlenose, dusky and Heaviside's dolphins and
green and leatherback turtles in Namibia - significantly contributing to
the knowledge in the region.  Our research ranges from gathering baseline
data on abundance and distribution of species to investigating human
impacts such as boat traffic and port development on dolphins and
entanglement on seals, to more blue skies work on interactions between
sociality, genetics and vocal behaviour in cetaceans and fur seals. Our
results have directly contributed to conservation such as IUCN red list
assessments, marine spatial planning and environmental impact assessments.

Our main field season is during the southern hemisphere winter (June to
August) when bottlenose dolphins are abundant in the bay and humpback
whales are migrating past.  We are inviting a maximum of 6 students or
graduates to join us during this busy field work period as an intern - to
help us run the project, and collect data and learn field and analytical
skills 'on the job'.

Internships are for a minimum of One month (up to the full 3 months) during
our main field season  Jun-Aug 2020 and targeted at students looking
to get *field
experience* and *training* in marine mammal research techniques. These
internships are intense and the team is busy 6 days a week with field work,
data processing, attending whale and dolphin strandings and necropsies and
education events. Importantly there is a focus on active training in  field
techniques including photo-ID and line-transect, acoustic data processing,
boat skills as well as discussion groups on scientific ethics and the
scientific publication process. The majority of training is provided by
project PI’s Dr Simon Elwen and Dr Tess Gridley.

Please Look at the NDP website and social media pages
instagram/namibiandolphinproject for more details about us and our current

Brochure with more details on the website here:

If you would like to join us - please email Info at SeaSearch.co.za with a CV
and brief motivation.

Dr Simon Elwen

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Simon Elwen Ph.D. - Director Sea Search Research & Conservation and the
Namibian Dolphin Project
Research Associate: Department of Zoology and Botany - Stellenbosch
University  & Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria
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