[MARMAM] "A standardized method of classifying pulsed sounds"

PATRIS Julie julie.patris at univ-amu.fr
Sat Oct 5 02:08:50 PDT 2019

Dear colleagues, 
 We are pleased to share the publication of our new paper "A standardized method of classifying pulsed sounds and its application to pulse rate measurement of blue whale southeast Pacific song units" by Julie Patris, Franck Malige, Herve Glotin, Mark Asch and Susannah Buchan, in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (Vol.146, No.4).

The abstract can be found following this message, and a copy can be accessed at https://asa.scitation.org/doi/10.1121/1.5126710 or by writing to Dr. Julie Patris at julie.patris at univ-amu.fr.

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Pulsed sounds are an interesting example of complex biological sounds, frequent in cetaceans' vocalizations. A two-group classification of these sounds is proposed: tonal or non-tonal. Through two simple mathematical models, it is shown that this classification can lead to better techniques for measuring the pulse rate. This classification is thus useful for improving measurement accuracy, but can also help in formulating hypotheses regarding mechanisms of sound production. This method of classification is applied to south Pacific blue whale vocalizations and it is found that the pulse rate corresponds to the fundamental frequency (not expressed in the spectrum) of the song. Thus, the hypothesis that the sound is produced by only one organ and then filtered by the body of the giant is reinforced.  

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