[MARMAM] Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity at Georgetown University

Vivienne Foroughirad vjf5 at georgetown.edu
Mon Oct 7 07:00:47 PDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Janet Mann's lab welcomes applicants to the 21st Century Postdoctoral
Fellowship opportunity at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. This is
a competitive university-wide fellowship aimed at under-represented groups
in our field. Recipients will be provided a competitive salary for two
years, as well as research and travel allowances. Applications must be US
citizens or permanent residents and must have earned their PhD within the
last three years. Deadline is *OCTOBER 20, 2019*.

We study bottlenose dolphins (T. *aduncus* and T. *truncatus*) at two
sites- Shark Bay, Australia and the Potomac-Chesapeake, U.S.A respectively.
We are focused on a range of topics such as: maternal care, calf and
juvenile development, maternal effects, female reproduction and senescence,
genetic relatedness (in collaboration with Dr. Celine Frere at Univ of the
Sunshine Coast, Qld), fitness, ecological and social phenotypes, life
history, fission-fusion dynamics, social networks, disease transmission,
population structure, and tourism impacts. We also welcome new project
ideas. The Shark Bay Dolphin Research Project database extends back to
1984. The Potomac-Chesapeake Dolphin Project was initiated in 2015. Visit
our websites pcdolphinproject.org and monkeymiadolphins.org for more
information. Please contact Janet Mann at mannj2 at georgetown.edu if you are
interested in applying.

Vivienne Foroughirad
Postdoctoral Fellow
Georgetown University
vjf5 at georgetown.edu
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