[MARMAM] New publication: A stop for a snack: Apparent humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) feeding off South-eastern Brazil

Salvatore Siciliano gemmlagos at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 09:38:14 PDT 2019

Dear MARMAM Colleagues,

On behalf of my co-authors, I'm pleased to announce our publication (short
note) in Boletim do Labohidro, which describes apparent feeding behavior of
humpback whales while migrating along SE Brazil and interactions with

A stop for a snack: Apparent humpback whale (*Megaptera novaeangliae*)
feeding behavior and association with gillnets during migration off
South-eastern Brazil. Bol. do Labohidro, 29: 41-49, 2019.Short summary: Cases
of humpback whales feeding on breeding grounds are still poorly known in
the world. This study reports field observations of a juvenile whale -
yearling, in Brazilian waters, with evidence of foraging behavior, in
search of prey that seemed to be prawn or squid, during short dives. In
addition, other similar observations are reported in southeastern Brazil in
which the whales showed interest and approach gillnets, probably attracted
by entangled fish. In some of these cases, it is considered that whale
approaching towards the nets has caused entanglements, and in at least one
case the specimen freed itself from nets. In other cases, nets may have
caused humpback whale injuries. A follow-up of these interactions
throughout the Brazilian coast is recommended for a better evaluation of
these interactions with fishing nets, since they may represent a new form
of behavior of these whales in their migratory period.

The article can be downloaded here:




Grupo de Estudos de Mamíferos Marinhos da Região dos Lagos

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