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Sonja Heinrich sh52 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Tue Nov 26 07:04:23 PST 2019

We have several exciting and funded* PhD opportunities available at the University of St Andrews, UK - please see the School of Biology website for details (PhD projects at the SOI/SMRU):

Please note different deadlines & funding opportunities - some closing very soon!
01 December 2019 (*funded for students worldwide):

-          The seasonal ocean dynamics of the Amundsen Sea Embayment (using telemetry & oceanographic data from seal-born sensors)- Supervisor: Dr Lars Boehme

-          Impacts of fishing-induced changes in forage fish school structure on African penguin foraging - Supervisor: Prof Andy Brierley

13 December 2019 (*funded for UK/EU students):

-          A lab on a chip: using nano-plasmonics tongues for building miniaturized ecosystem sensors (SUPER DTP)- Supervisor: Dr Lars Boehme

06 January 2020 (*funded for UK/EU students)

-          Killer whale predation of harbour seals in the coastal waters of Scotland: investigating the ecological drivers and consequences of an apex predator-prey interaction - Supervisors: Dr Gordon Hastie & Dr Saana Isojunno

Posted on behalf of my colleagues.
Best wishes from Scotland,

Dr Sonja Heinrich
Sea Mammal Research Unit
School of Biology
University of St Andrews
Scotland, UK
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