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Cascadia Research Collective in Olympia, Washington is now accepting volunteers for U.S. west coast and Hawaiʻi research for winter, spring and summer 2020!

We will be at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona, Spain (December 9-12) and conducting interviews for winter, spring and summer 2020 volunteer positions. Anyone attending the conference who is interested in volunteering with Cascadia should contact us by December 2nd to arrange an interview.

Cascadia Research Collective (CRC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit research and education organization founded in 1979. Most of our research is focused on whale and dolphin populations along the west coast of North America and in Hawaiʻi.

CRC is currently filling positions for:

Winter 2020 (January-March)

Spring 2020 (April-June)

Summer 2020 (July-September)

Volunteer positions are unpaid, office-based positions in Olympia, WA and housing is not provided.

International applicants will also be considered, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to acquire necessary visas and documentation.

Volunteer Position Details:

CRC gives priority to juniors or seniors with a science background who are seeking academic credit as well as those enrolled in (or planning to attend) graduate school in a marine science-related field. A full time commitment (40 hours per week) is preferred. Volunteer positions are generally three months in length, although exceptions can be made depending on the academic calendar of the college or university.

Much of CRC’s work involves photo identification, using natural markings unique to each individual to catalog and track individuals over time. This allows us to study association patterns and movements over extended periods of time, revealing information on population structure and social organization. Volunteers will spend a large portion of their time comparing new photographs to those in our existing catalogs, and may additionally be involved in digital image processing and data entry.

Additionally, volunteers may have opportunities to participate in Washington state stranding response, which may include beach surveys, data and specimen collection, data entry, and assisting in necropsies of pinnipeds & cetaceans.

US West Coast Research: Volunteers will assist staff on our long-term photo-ID studies of baleen whales, including humpback, blue, and gray whales off the US West Coast and the inside waters of Washington state.  For more information, see www.cascadiaresearch.org<http://www.cascadiaresearch.org>

Hawaiʻi Research: Volunteers will assist staff on our long-term photo-ID studies of a variety of species of odontocetes (e.g., rough-toothed dolphins, false killer whales, beaked whales) found in Hawaiian waters. For more information, see www.cascadiaresearch.org/hawaii.htm

For a full description of the volunteer opportunities available, please visit: www.cascadiaresearch.org/interns.htm

Photo identification requires a high degree of focus and attention to detail, and volunteers can expect to spend the majority of their time comparing photographs.

Successful applicants should have the following skills:

- strong communication skills

- focus and attention to detail

- willingness to spend long hours in front of a computer

- ability to work independently

If you are interested in volunteering with Cascadia, please visit our website and send a CV, two professional letters of recommendation, and a letter stating your interest, what you would like gain to from this experience, relevant background experience, the time period you are interested in, the number of hours you can work, and if you would be seeking credit from your college or university.

For a US west coast project volunteer position please send the information to:

Kiirsten Flynn: kflynn at cascadiaresearch.org<mailto:kflynn at cascadiaresearch.org>

For Hawaiʻi project volunteer position please send the information to:

Sabre Mahaffy: mahaffys at cascadiaresearch.org<mailto:mahaffys at cascadiaresearch.org>

If you would like to be considered for either, please indicate that in your letter and send to both.

 If you are going to be at the Barcelona conference check out the presentations Cascadia is involved in at http://www.cascadiaresearch.org/WMMCBarcelona2019

Sabre Mahaffy, M.Sc.
Research Biologist
Cascadia Research Collective
218 1/2 W. 4th Ave.
Olympia, WA 98501
Office 360-943-7325

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