[MARMAM] Seal sighting off southern Sri Lanka: Help needed

Asha de Vos ashadevos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 05:01:58 PST 2019

Dear all

A few hours ago I was sent a video of a seal off the southern coast of Sri
Lanka. We have never documented such a sighting in the past and therefore I
wanted to seek the help of experts in this community.

1. The videos are a little grainy but any thoughts on ID?
https://www.facebook.com/ranga.surfing.3 and
2. Can anyone help me dig out records of other sightings (of vagrants ?) in
the Northern Indian Ocean?
3. We don't have much information other than where it was spotted and this
video, the navy (who reported this to me) have a boat patrolling the area
just in case it reappears (it vanished after this video was taken). Is
there anything to keep in mind in the event it is seen again?

Thank you



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