[MARMAM] Invitation to participate in a survey on non-academic careers in marine mammal science

Aude Pacini aude at hawaii.edu
Thu Nov 7 07:30:35 PST 2019

Aloha MarMam Community,

As part of our upcoming workshop at the World Marine Mammal Conference this December, we are conducting a survey on non-academic careers in marine mammal science and the perception associated with these choices. 

While the workshop is primarily geared towards women, all are welcome to participate in the survey, which should only take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Feel free to share this questionnaire, as we are interested in getting a broad perspective on this topic. Results will be presented in December at the workshop, but can be shared upon request to the organizers. 

Click on the link below to start the survey. The survey will close on November, 18th 2019.

Thank you in advance for your participation.



Krista Graham, Michelle Bejder and Aude Pacini

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