[MARMAM] Call for postdocs Collaborative Research Grant

Nova Atlantis oceanwatch at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 14:04:24 PST 2019

We are looking for Postdocs who are interested in forming a joined group to
submit a collaborative research grant at the Max Planck Institute for
January 15, 2020.More info at: https://livingingroups.org

*In summary:* We have been running a long-term research project (20 years)
focussing on the social structure and behaviour of Risso’s dolphins (*Grampus
griseus)* in the Azores. We are specifically interested in male alliance
formation and intra-alliance social dynamics of this species, but also in
life history of females, previously collected kinship data, (also having
isotopes and fatty acid samples in stock and available). Another area of
interest is the set-up of a new research project on (individual) Risso’s
dolphin acoustics.

*Essentially, we are looking for researchers interested in working with
large, long-term databases, who have relevant statistical knowledge,
crucial for future analysis.*

If you are interested please send an email to: oceanwatch at gmail.com

Please share this message so that we can reach possibly interested


Karin Hartman

Nova Atlantis Foundation
Risso's Dolphin Research Center
Rua Dr. Freitas Pimentel 11
9930-309 Santa Cruz das Ribeiras
Lajes do Pico
Azores -Portugal
00351-292 678 121
00351-912 798 666
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