[MARMAM] New publication about trace elements in striped dolphins stranded in Portugal

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Thu Nov 7 01:56:55 PST 2019

Dear Marmam Readers,

I am very pleased to announce the following publication:

Monteiro SS, Bozzetti M, Torres J, Tavares AS, Ferreira M, Pereira A, Sá S,
Araújo H, Bastos-Santos J, Oliveira I, Vingada JV, Eira C (2020). Striped
dolphins as trace element biomonitoring tools in oceanic waters: Accounting
for health-related variables. Science of the Total Environment 699: 134410.


In Europe, monitoring contaminant concentrations and their effects in the
marine environment is required under the Marine Strategy Framework
Directive (MSFD, 2008/56/EC). The striped dolphin (*Stenella coeruleoalba*)
is the most abundant small cetacean species in Portuguese oceanic waters,
representing a potential biomonitoring tool of contaminant levels in
offshore waters. Concentrations of nine trace elements were evaluated by
ICP-MS in kidney, liver and muscle samples of 31 striped dolphins stranded
in the Portuguese continental coast. The mean renal Cd concentration was
high (19.3 μg.g−1 wet weight, range 0.1–69.3 μg.g−1 wet weight) comparing
to striped dolphins from other locations. Therefore, the present study
reports a possibly concerning level of Cd in the oceanic food chain in
Portuguese offshore areas. This study also aimed at evaluating potential
relationships between trace element concentrations and striped dolphins'
biological and health-related variables. Individual length was related with
some of the trace element concentrations detected in striped dolphins.
Indeed, Cd, Hg and Se bioaccumulated in larger animals, whereas the reverse
was observed for Mn and Zn. Striped dolphins with high parasite burdens
showed higher levels of Hg, while animals showing gross pathologies
presented higher concentrations of Cd and Se. This study reported
relationships between trace element concentrations and health-related
variables for the first time in striped dolphins and it also provided
information on the relative contamination status of Portuguese oceanic
waters in comparison to other regions in the world.

The publication will be freely available during 50 days at:


If you are unable to download the article, please contact me by email and I
will be happy to send you a copy: s.monteiro at ua.pt

Best wishes,

Silvia Monteiro


Postdoctoral researcher
University of Aveiro
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