[MARMAM] Survey: Education and Conservation of marine mammals

Ligia Meirinhos Pereira ligia.meirinhos.pereira at usp.br
Sun Nov 3 19:56:32 PST 2019

Survey: Education and Conservation of marine mammals


We would like to thank all those who completed our survey about marine
mammal conservation. However, we need 200 answers in total and so the
survey will stay open until November 5.

This survey is part of a study being conducted by a research group called
CHOICES/USP, in Brazil. The purpose of this survey is to understand the
ideas about conservation from those who work with marine mammals. We would
also like to understand what participants think about biodiversity
conservation as a whole and how their educational background contributed to
these ideas.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Thank you again for your


Thank you,

Department of Biological Sciences
14 Matao street
Butanta, São Paulo (Brazil)
Phone: (+55) 1130917575
choices at ib.usp.br
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