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*Program Description*

The IMMS Animal Training Internship Program is designed as a way for
students/individuals interested in a career in animal care and training to
gain valuable experience in a real-world setting. Interns will primarily be
trained in aspects of animal care, but will also participate in other
activities at IMMS. Our goal is to give interns a well-rounded experience
in a variety of areas while providing expert training and experience. This
is an unpaid position and all interns are responsible for their own housing
and transportation. Once accepted, IMMS staff will be able to assist
interns in suggesting suitable housing and locations. Positions are
limited. IMMS reserves the right to end an internship at any time.

*Eligibility Requirements*

Interns must be:
• 18 years or older.
• A recent graduate or actively pursuing a college degree in the sciences.
• Willing to accept the internship as an unpaid position.
• Able to commit to a minimum of at least 12 weeks, 40 hours a week. The
internship can be extended depending on work performance.
• Available to work weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
• Able to lift 50 lbs, work long hours on your feet, and work outside in
extreme conditions.
• Able to maintain a positive attitude, good work ethic, sense of
responsibility, and a strong willingness to learn.
• Financially stable enough to obtain housing and transportation, though
IMMS staff will do their best to assist you in making arrangements.
• Able to comply with IMMS rules and regulations.


Term:                           Deadline to apply:

Spring (Feb-April)       December 1

Summer (May-Aug)    March 1

Fall (Aug-Nov)            June 1

Winter (Nov-Feb)       September 1

*Duties:* The IMMS animal care and training staff is in charge of caring
for Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, and large parrots.
Interns will work directly with animal care staff and be exposed to all
aspects of the daily routine. Heavy emphasis is placed on basic tasks such
as food preparation, and daily cleaning and facility maintenance. Interns
will learn how to train animals with operant conditioning through
observation and may assist during sessions. Enrichment is very important to
the well-being of our animals and interns will be asked to design and
implement an enrichment device for our dolphins and/or birds. Interns will
also give educational presentation to guests before they interact with our
animals, as well as help staff with daily water quality. Because we want
interns to have a well rounded experience, they will also be asked to
assist in other departments. Interns may participate as 1) environmental
educators and assist in giving presentations to the public, 2) research
assistants that help with our many wild dolphin based research studies, or
3) emergency responders as IMMS is part of the Southeast Regional Marine
Mammal Stranding Network and responds to stranded marine mammals and sea
turtles. Please check the FAQ
link, as it may answer other questions you may have.

*To Apply:*
Please send the following documents to: sjames at imms.org with “Animal
Training Internship” in the subject line.

   - IMMS Animal Training Internship Application
   - Resume with cover letter.
   - Two letters of recommendation – Provide at least one academic, and one
   work/volunteer- related reference if applicable. Letters may be emailed
   from the applicant or the person providing the recommendation letter.
   - A copy of your current official college transcript. Applicants may
   submit an unofficial copy.
   - Full photograph

Documents must be in one of the following formats – PDF, .doc, .docx, and
must be submitted together with your first and last name and the date in
the file name.

Visit https://imms.org/internship/ for more information.
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