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Fri May 10 18:22:07 PDT 2019

G'day everyone!

We are looking for ECRs interested in delivering Southern Ocean science to
policy makers.  In particular, we are seeking ECRs who would like to have a
core role in contributing to profiles of different taxa in the Southern
Ocean for use in the Marine Ecosystem Assessment for the Southern Ocean (
MEASO - http://soki.aq/display/MEASO/MEASO+Home).

This is a great opportunity to share your expertise and gain experience in
communicating scientific findings to a different audience. You will be
mentored in developing these profiles and in considering how best to
communicate information on the status and trends of taxa to policy-makers.

Specifically, we are keen to have any of you who specialise in different
Southern Ocean taxa from primary producers through to blue whales and
everything in between, to assist to collate, summarise and review of
species information (see description of requirements for profiles at:
http://soki.aq/display/MEASO/MEASO+Biota). The list of taxonomic groups are
given on the Biota page of MEASO.  We are seeking profiles of the main taxa
within each of these groups that can be either combined or separate
profiles depending on information available.

Some species profiles are well underway and now require reviewing by
experts of those taxa whilst others are under development and require
initial input from scientists to compile species information from the
literature. All species profiles are/will be stored on the Southern Ocean
Knowledge and Information (SOKI) WIKI page http://soki.aqFor of an example
profile please see:http://soki.aq/display/MEASO/MEASO

The first MEASO will be completed following a workshop in 3-7 June 2019 in
Woking UK.  A special issue of a peer-reviewed journal will feature the
outcomes of MEASO. It will then be presented to the CCAMLR Scientific
Committee. For your input in compiling and reviewing species information
you will be listed as an author on the relevant citeable SOKI page and
acknowledged in the final report.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Maddie and Christine (
madeleine.brasier at utas.edu.au and christine.weldrick at utas.edu.au) with
details of your expertise and species/taxa of interest. MEASO is a diverse
and inclusive program, many APECS ECRs have already contributed to the first
 MEASO workshop in 2018 and content for publication.

You will also need to register on SOKI to access the other species pages
see: http://soki.aq/display/public/Request+a+SOKI+account

If you would like to know more about MEASO, please visit our SOKI pages or
get in touch.


Christine Weldrick
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