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Dear MARMAMers

*Morigenos - Slovenian Marine Mammal Society* is organising *Dolphin
Research Courses* in *Piran, Slovenia*, between July and September 2019,
where interested individuals can participate in field research and help
study dolphins in their natural environment. Morigenos is a non-profit NGO
that aims to combine scientific research, education, public awareness and
capacity building, to achieve effective conservation of marine mammals and
the marine environment. Since 2002, Morigenos has been conducting long-term
research on the ecology, behaviour and conservation of a resident
population of *common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)* inhabiting
the wider area of the Gulf of Trieste in the northern Adriatic Sea. The
resulting scientific publications arising from this work can be found here:

The courses, organised annually since 2003, are open to both students and
non-students, regardless of previous experience. During the 10-day course,
participants will gain theoretical and practical experience in marine
mammal research methodology, including boat- and land-based surveying,
focal follows, behavioural observations, photo-identification, abundance
estimation and studies of social structure. Training is provided both in
the field and in the form of lectures.

Accommodation is provided at Morigenos research base in a beautiful
medieval town of Piran (Slovenia, EU), on the Adriatic Sea coast. Daily
household duties are shared among participants and researchers. The course
fee, which helps cover the fieldwork expenses and allows this research
programme to continue, is €488 for students and €732 for non-students. The
fee includes accommodation, food, fieldwork and training.
There is no selection. Applications are treated on a "first-come, first
served" basis.

WHERE: Piran, Slovenia
WHEN: July-September 2019
DURATION: 10 days
PRICE: students 488 EUR, non-students 732 EUR
(includes accommodation, food, fieldwork and training)

More information, inquiries and registration at:
pr at morigenos.org
+386 31 77 10 77

Best wishes,

Tilen Genov


Morigenos - Slovenian Marine Mammal Society
Kidricevo nabrezje 4
6330 Piran
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