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Thu Mar 28 06:40:43 PDT 2019

Dear all,

IFREMER is currently seeking an Acoustic Engineer from 20 May to 20 September 2019. Main activities are:

-              a R&D project to identify acoustic specific toothed whales and more precisely dolphins. Context is to prevent by-catch of pelagic trawl fisheries.

-              To manage acoustic impact issue regarding seismic surveys in the marine research context.


-              Review on sound produced by small dolphins from Bay of Biscay (common and bottlenose dolphins, and harbor porpoises),

-              Review on small dolphins acoustic identifications algorithms,

-              Selecting the most suitable algorithm or developing it,

-              Testing and confirming the choice made,

-              Potential acoustic risk assessment writing, in the context of a research seismic survey (reference documents already exist in our institute),

-              Potential Tender writing for an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).


•             Master’s Degree

•             Generic knowledge in underwater acoustics and in signal processing,

•             Knowledge in bioacoustics or in environmental acoustics would be appreciated,

•             PAM system, Pamguard or other passive acoustics softwares,

•             Experience with evaluation of impacts of noise on marine mammals,

•             Excellent verbal communication, technical writing, and research skills (English and/or French),

•             Proficient in Matlab or Python.

For more details, please send email to: Yves.Le.Gall at ifremer.fr<mailto:Yves.Le.Gall at ifremer.fr> and Cecile.Ducatel at ifremer.fr

To apply click on: https://ifremer.jobs.net/fr-FR/job/cdd-ingenieur-en-acoustique-sous-marine-h-f/J3V4B36DJ0TC2CQQFC1


Cécile Ducatel
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