[MARMAM] Reminder: 2019 African Graduate Student Research Fund deadline, 15 March

Eric Archer - NOAA Federal eric.archer at noaa.gov
Sat Mar 2 21:55:21 PST 2019

> The American Society of Mammalogists has established a program to fund
> African nationals studying mammals anywhere in Africa (including
> Madagascar). Our intent is to promote mammalogy in Africa, a continent with
> exceptional mammalian diversity but lacking in adequate resources for
> training and educating young professionals. The African Graduate Student
> Research Fund
> <http://www.mammalogy.org/committees/african-graduate-student-research-fund>
> supports African graduate students in any degree-granting graduate program
> who show promise of becoming leaders of the next generation of
> mammalogists. We anticipate awarding up to three grants of $1500 US in
> 2019. Applications are due 15 March 2019.
> More information for applicants and donors can be found here
> <http://www.mammalogy.org/committees/african-graduate-student-research-fund>
> .
> Please encourage any eligible applicants to apply!
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