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*National Whale and Dolphin Watch Assistant *

The Sea Watch Foundation <http://www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk/> is 
seeking a voluntary *_National Whale and Dolphin Watch Assistant_ *for 
the 2019 season. This position will suit a volunteer who has a strong 
interest in marine conservation and recognises the importance of 
educating and raising awareness by involving the public. Given the 
competitive nature of our internships and to allow others to gain 
experience, this position is only available to undergraduates or people 
who can demonstrate a desired change in career.

The assistant will be responsible in aiding the Sightings Officer with 
the following duties:

  * Promoting, organising and running the National Whale and Dolphin
    Watch event (27^th  July – 4^th  August 2019)
  * Producing posters and resources for dissemination around the UK
  * Using initiative and creativity to reach out to wider audience
  * Keeping records of planned events
  * Updating webpage with events
  * Assisting with social media surrounding the event
  * Posting observer packs to participants in a timely manner
  * Taking part in land-based surveys in Cardigan Bay
  * Helping to staff the ‘Dolphin Hub’ educational facility
  * Assisting Education and Outreach Assistant with event planning and
  * Encouraging data submission and website updates during the event
  * Collating data and imagery from the event.
  * Entering event data on to database template.

The National Whale and Dolphin Watch Assistant will also have some 
opportunity to be involved in the boat-based fieldwork aspects of the 
“_Cardigan Bay Monitoring Project 
however this will be depended on workload and will be agreed between the 
assistant and the Sightings Officer each time the opportunity arises. 
This project manages the conservation of a coastal population of 
bottlenose dolphins, the largest in the UK. Monitoring of harbour 
porpoise and grey seal populations is also part of the project.

The field season will run from *April to October 2019 *and has been 
split into four periods of seven weeks for Research Interns. Our 
National Whale and Dolphin Watch Assistant is required to stay for the 
middle two periods of the season. The assistant will be based in New 
Quay, West Wales, and he/she will be helped in finding a suitable 
accommodation. The assistant is responsible for their own travel and 
living expenses, but it is generally quite easy to obtain part-time paid 
work in the area if required.

*National Whale and Dolphin Watch Assistant periods for summer 2019:*

*Periods 2 & 3:* 27/05 – 01/09

*Important skills/qualifications*


  * a strong interest in marine conservation and education
  * outgoing personality with confidence to interact with the public
  * excellent verbal and writing skills
  * must have initiative and bring their own ideas and personality to
    the position
  * strong commitment to volunteering work
  * an ability to work in an organised and reliable manner and to manage
    a variable workload, including appropriate delegation
  * good IT skills (Office package)
  * an ability to get on well with others in a small team and within
    shared accommodation


  * a strong interest and some knowledge of British cetaceans
  * prior experience in public speaking
  * experience with postings on social media
  * experience of events organising
  * willingness to work long hours outdoors in often very changeable
    Welsh weather

*To apply:*

Please send your CV and a cover letter reporting any relevant experience 
you have*, *as well as contact details of two referees,**to Dr Chiara 
Giulia Bertulli (*chiara.giulia.bertulli at seawatchfoundation.org.uk*). It 
is strongly recommended that you reference all the essential and 
desirable attributes in your application.

*Deadline: 10**^th ** March 2019 at 9am.*

*Please specify “National Whale and Dolphin Watch Assistant” into your 
subject title.*

Applicants must be available for interview via Skype between the 11^th 
  and 17^th  March and will be notified of the outcomes by the 24^th 
  March 2019.

*The Sea Watch Foundation*

The Sea Watch Foundation is a national marine environmental research 
charity that aims to achieve better conservation of whales and dolphins 
in the seas around Britain and Ireland, by involving the public in 
scientific monitoring of populations and the threats they face. It is 
the longest-running research charity in UK focusing upon cetaceans 
around the British Isles, and maintains a national sightings database, 
the largest in Europe. It works closely with all the UK statutory 
conservation agencies, and has provided advice to the UK government, the 
UNEP Regional intergovernmental Conservation Agreement - ASCOBANS, and 
the European Commission, as well as the major conservation charities and 
marine industries operating in the UK.

*Public awareness*

We aim to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of the 
marine wildlife and the habitats supporting them, to encourage respect 
and conservation of the marine environment for future generations. We 
also run training courses for the public in cetacean identification and 
survey methods.

A list of recent of recent awareness and education achievements is given 

  * Sea Watch Director, Peter Evans, received the European Cetacean
    Society Conservation Award, 2012
  * Sea Watch Foundation was recipient of the UNEP/ASCOBANS “Outreach
    and Education Award”, 2009
  * Sea Watch Foundation was voted best UK animal adoption scheme by BBC
    Wildlife, December 2008

Dr Chiara Giulia Bertulli
Sightings Officer

Sea Watch Foundation
+44 (0) 1545 561227

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