[MARMAM] Next Book on Cetaceans under a Numerical Ecology perspective

Daniel Patón Domínguez d.paton.d at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 13:56:34 PST 2019

Dear colleagues:

It is my pleasure to announce the next publication of the book:

Cetaceans: Evolution, Behavior and Conservation. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-53614-998-2


Thanks to Nova for this new opportunity to publish with them.

All the authors of this book have been collaborating for years on a binomial between fieldwork and mathematical analysis. Science is interdisciplinary and I would like to thank all the authors for their confidence in allowing me to help them with my mathematical approaches. I would also like to thank Bruno Díaz for his kind foreword. 

Many Regards,
 Daniel Patón Domínguez
 Numerical Ecology. Ecology Unit
 Department of Plant Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences
 Faculty of Sciences. University of Extremadura
 Avda. Elvas s/n 06071 Badajoz (Spain)

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