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Please find below a CfP for a Special Issue of Tourism in Marine Environments (Cognizant Communication) on marine wildlife experiences and safety, edited by myself and Mark Orams.

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Marine Wildlife Experiences and Safety

Over the past three decades, interactions with coastal and marine wildlife in natural settings have increased significantly. These interactions may be facilitated by commercial operators, deliberately sought by individuals and private groups, or incidental during other marine-based activities (such as scuba diving, swimming, surfing, kayaking, etc.). Focal species range from marine mammals to reptiles, birds, elasmobranch and other fish species, and more.

Along with the growth in these activities, research has also increased, mostly focusing on the potential and actual impacts on the targeted species, visitor experiences and satisfaction, as well as education and interpretation on commercial tours. In contrast, very little has been published about the potential health and safety risks these interactions pose for both tourists and marine wildlife. Consequently, this special issue seeks to reduce the gap in knowledge about these issues. Topics for this issue may include, but are not limited to:

  *   Injuries and fatalities (of tourists and/or wildlife) as a result of the use of technical equipment to facilitate interaction with marine wildlife (e.g. vessel strike, propeller cuts, cage failure, entrapment and/or entanglement etc.).
  *   Risk taking behaviours of swimmers/snorkelers/divers (e.g. too deep dives, operation of camera equipment, lack of open water experience, swimming skills).
  *   Risk taking behaviours regarding wildlife behaviour (close proximity, wildlife aggression, accidental harmful contact, provisioning, touching/”riding” wildlife, etc.)
  *   Accidental or deliberate acts which result in “near-miss”/injury/fatality (both for tourists and wildlife).
  *   In water interactions with predatory animals and associated risks of injury and fatality.
  *   Potential disease or other transmission resulting from interactions between tourists and marine wildlife.
  *   Safety management regimes implementation and effectiveness (e.g. safety briefings, safety equipment, emergency response protocols, emergency medical treatment, navigation, weather and sea-state, etc.).
  *   Consumptive uses of marine wildlife by tourists (e.g. fishing, shellfish harvesting, shell collecting, fish collecting, sea-bird harvesting) and related health and safety issues.


Abstracts due                                                              1 March 2019

Invitation to submit the full manuscript                     1 April 2019

Full manuscript due                                                    1 July 2019

Publication Fast Track (online first)                            after final acceptance, end 2019

Publication Print                                                         Double issue 15(1&2), early 2020

Submission Guidelines

Please send an abstract to Michael Lück (mlueck at aut.ac.nz<mailto:mlueck at aut.ac.nz>) and Mark Orams (morams at usc.edu.au<mailto:morams at usc.edu.au>), and indicate whether you would like your paper to be considered as a full research paper (5000-7000 words), a research note (3000-3500 words), a commentary (3000-3500 words), or an extended postgraduate abstract (1500 to 2000 words). After selection, final manuscripts will be invited to be submitted through the online system for Tourism in Marine Environments (https://time.scholasticahq.com/for-authors).


Professor Michael Lück
School of Hospitality & Tourism
Auckland University of Technology

[S rankings]<https://www.aut.ac.nz/qs>


P 09 921 9999 ext 5833    M 0212431916    E mlueck at aut.ac.nz<mailto:michael.lueck at aut.ac.nz>    W aut.ac.nz<https://www.aut.ac.nz>


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