[MARMAM] Fin whale deformity

Eduard edmaktub at edmaktub.com
Thu Feb 14 15:39:40 PST 2019

We would like to draw attention to a fin whale spotted during the 2018 
spring expedition hold under our yearly Edmaktub Rorqual Project.

This fin whale was found in the North West Mediterranean (Southward 
Barcelona) with a clear deformity in its caudal peduncle. It was a male,

sized around 14 meters (pretty much the size of our research boat). The 
animal was able to swim, but if you pay attention to the rippling water

surface, the efficiency was at certain degree compromised.

  Although it could be associated with a pathological process or 
malformation, we believe that this deformity, could be the result of an 
old boat collision. This area of the W.

Mediterranean suffers from heavy marine traffic, seasonally high 
presence of fin whales and probably many more collisions than recorded.

We would really appreciate any feed back, comments or thoughts about 
this animal. If any of you have photo ID this animal in other area we will

also appreciate you contact us and share that information.

See the drone video footage in the following link 

More information about the project in 

Best regards,

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