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Dear colleagues,

Please read the list of the projects. At least a few of them are fully or
partially dedicated to marine mammals.

Pavel Gol'din

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Dear all,

Please see the following opportunity and pass it on to anyone who might be


* 15 fully-funded PhDs in marine historical ecology (zooarchaeology /
palaeogenetics / marine zoology), starting autumn 2019: call for
expressions of interest We are pleased to announce the launch of the
SeaChanges Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, offering 15
fully-funded PhDs spread across the Universities of York, Groningen,
Copenhagen, Bologna, Oslo, and Cambridge, and the Marine Research Institute
of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). SeaChanges bridges
archaeology and marine zoology in order to improve understanding of the
time depth of human exploitation and impact on marine species, and to train
a cohort of researchers with the necessary skills to operate across
disciplinary and sectoral boundaries to this end. This is achieved via a
network of complementary research projects that apply diverse methods to
address both socio-economic and ecological themes, covering all of Europe's
seas, key marine species, and timescales from decades to millennia. The PhD
projects are supported by a programme of dedicated training workshops in
bioarchaeology, marine ecology, data management, and communication with
stakeholders and the public. Each PhD studentship is a 3-year position with
a highly competitive salary and dedicated research/training budget, open to
applicants of any nationality (subject to rules regarding trans-national
mobility). Full eligibility criteria and a list of projects are available
on the SeaChanges website <https://sites.google.com/york.ac.uk/seachanges>.
The formal application process is due to open in March 2019, with
successful applicants taking up their positions from October 2019. In the
meantime, we invite expressions of interest from potential candidates. If
you are interested, please review the project descriptions and eligibility
criteria and complete the form here
ideally by March 8th 2019, or email seachanges at palaeome.org
<seachanges at palaeome.org> for more information. Best, David Orton & the
SeaChanges team *

Dr. David Orton
Lecturer in Zooarchaeology
Director of Studies, MSc in Zooarchaeology
BioArCh, Department of Archaeology, University of York


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