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Orca Guardians Iceland info at orcaguardians.org
Thu Dec 19 04:59:00 PST 2019

Dear MARMAM community,

We are excited to announce that the orcas near the harbor of Genoa, Italy,
have been identified. This is the first ever record of orcas migrating
between Iceland and Italy in killer whale research history, and with over
5.200 km one of the longest migration routes ever recorded in the world to

The individuals were identified as SN113, SN114, SN115, and SN116 from the
West Iceland catalogue by Orca Guardians Iceland (www.orcaguardians.org ).
The matching was done by Marie Mrusczok from Orca Guardians with high
quality pictures received first from Biagio Violi and his team at Menkab /
Artescienza and the University of Genoa, which yielded matches for 3
individuals. A 4th member was identified via pictures sent to Orca
Guardians by Tethys Research (M. Colombo). Orca Survey Scotland was
assisting in the matching and finding of good quality images. However,
there were a lot of members of the public involved in making this match
happen, and we received many images and videos that helped us in the
process. We are very grateful for all the collaboration and the support we
have received. It has been quite overwhelming!

Remarkably, this finding was made through non-invasive research only, with
data collected in West Iceland onboard Láki Tours, who receive a special
thank you here for their constant support over the years in everything we

You can find information and updates on our social media for the moment (
www.facebook.com/orcaguardians), but we are also working on a more detailed

We will now try to reconstruct the migration route of the orcas, to see if
they have turned up/were photographed in other places before. If you
recognize the individuals via your high quality photo-identification
images, please do get in touch with us at: info at orcaguardians.org

Best wishes,

Marie Mrusczok
Founder of Orca Guardians Iceland
Website: www.orcaguardians.org
E-Mail: info at orcaguardians.org
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