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Dear Marmamers,

This is a reminder about the upcoming Student Necropsy workshop being hosted at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona
As early registration is fast approaching, please do remember to have a look at our necropsy workshop and sign up if you are a student!

 Details of the workshop, venue and costs are below.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Workshop Summary:

The student necropsy workshop will be split into two parts, a morning session for up to 100 students, where we aim to explain the basis of some of the main pathological problems dealt with during necropsies and the sampling procedures. Talks will be short and cover a range of topics, including: How to recognize Peracute underwater entrapment (PUE), Common parasitic infections in small cetaceans at necropsy, Sampling for toxicological investigations, Criteria for diagnosis of main infectious disease of cetaceans. The second session in the afternoon will be a practical necropsy for a maximum of 25 students. These students will need to show that performing a necropsy is an essential part of their current/ near future studies and so would be beneficial (please fill in the required information as mentioned below). The main aims of this session will be how to perform a necropsy, and how to evaluate ear sense.

Confirmed speakers for the workshop include: Dr Thierry Jauniaux, Prof Antonio Fernandez, Dr Manuel Arbelo, Prof Antonio Raga, Prof Xon Borrell and Steffen De Vreese.

The second session in the afternoon will be a practical necropsy for a maximum of 25 students. Participants wishing to attend the practical session must write a brief explanation when filling out the registration form, about how attending the practical will be particularly beneficial to them, because performing a necropsy is an essential part of their current/near future studies; required information on the form includes (1) Details of how you are currently using necropsy sampling techniques in your work (or how you aim to apply necropsy sampling to work that you are planning), and (2) Details of any previous necropsy experience (e.g. workshops attended, classes, internships etc..). The main aims of this session will be how to perform a necropsy, and how to evaluate ear sense.

Venue for both sessions:

Veterinary School of University Autònoma of Barcelona (UAB). Train travel necessary. We will meet at 7.15 am at Plaça Catalunya, near to the Apple Store entry. A map with the exact meeting point will be provided via email. We will travel together via S2 train to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Travel from Plaça Catalunya train station to the University Autònoma is expected to take 35 – 40 minutes, plus 10 minutes by walking to the Veterinarian school. To get to Plaça Catalunya from the CCIB – take the L4 Subway Line from El Maresme | Fòrum station to Urquinaona station, then 7 minute walk to Plaça Catalunya .

Click HERE<https://www.rome2rio.com/map/El-Maresme-F%C3%B2rum/Catalonia-Plaza-Catalunya-Barcelona> for transit map.


Participants will be required to pay 5 euros on the day to the organizers to cover costs of the workshop, including tea/ coffee and light snacks. Students are responsible for buying their own tickets to go to the UAB campus. These are the same tickets that you can use on the metro throughout Barcelona (Ticket of 1 ZONE). There are different types of tickets, depending on the number of journeys that you want to buy. We recommend you to buy a “T-10 from 1 ZONE”, a multi-person travel card with 10 journeys (total price = 10.20€, each travel costs about 1€).

You can find more information about tickets in the following link: https://www.tmb.cat/en/barcelona-fares-metro-bus

The morning session will involve a series of speakers, with a maximum of 100 participants. The afternoon session will be a focused practical exercise for students that currently use necropsies/ pathology as part of their work, limited to a maximum of 25 currently enrolled students.

Thank you,

Rebecca Boys on behalf of the Organisers


Rebecca M Boys

Marine Biologist

PhD Candidate

Coastal Marine Research Group

Massey University New Zealand




European Cetacean Society Student Representative- World Marine Mammal Conference

Society of Marine Mammalogy Education Committee Member

European Cetacean Society National Contact Person for New Zealand

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