[MARMAM] WMMC Endocrinology workshop - Sun afternoon, 8 Dec 2019, 1230-1730

Trumble, Stephen Stephen_Trumble at baylor.edu
Thu Aug 29 11:13:36 PDT 2019

There is a growing interest in using hormones as a tool in marine mammal ecology/behavior/physiology. Therefore, we are pleased to be hosting a half-day workshop session on marine mammal endocrinology at the World Marine Mammal Conference (Barcelona). The workshop will be Sunday afternoon, Dec. 8th, 12:30-17:30. This workshop represents a unique opportunity for the SMM scientific community to weigh in on this important topic as well as provide participants with the latest scientific and technological advances in the field of marine mammal endocrinology.  We are actively seeking speakers and participants interested in discussing the current state of the field of marine mammal endocrinology; discussing topics including analytic methods, sample matrices, research questions/goals, experimental design and future directions. Graduate students are particularly encouraged to attend, as one of the purposes of the workshop is to stimulate potential collaborations. Registration fee is USD $70. Coffee and snacks provided. Please contact workshop leaders if interested in presenting your research or lead a discussion. Talks will be limited to 15 minutes. Tentative schedule forthcoming.
To register, see: https://www.wmmconference.org/workshops/.
WMMC Workshop: Marine Mammal Endocrinology (Barcelona, Spain)
Date & Time:   Sunday, December 8, 12:30-17:30

Workshop Leaders:

            Sascha Usenko, Baylor University, Sascha_Usenko at baylor.edu<mailto:Sascha_Usenko at baylor.edu>

            Stephen Trumble, Baylor University, Stephen_Trumble at baylor.edu<mailto:Stephen_Trumble at baylor.edu>

            Kathleen E. Hunt, George Mason University, kehunt at gmu.edu<mailto:kehunt at gmu.edu>

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