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Eric Archer - NOAA Federal eric.archer at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 28 10:35:10 PDT 2019

On behalf of my co-authors, I'm pleased to announce publication of our
paper in* Marine Mammal Science*, entitled,

*Quantifying spatial and temporal variation of North Pacific fin whale
(Balaenoptera physalus) acoustic behavior*

Frederick I. Archer,  Shannon Rankin,  Kathleen M. Stafford,  Manuel
Castellote,  Julien Delarue



In order to help develop hypotheses of connectivity among North Pacific fin
whales, we examine recordings from 10 regions collected in the spring and
fall. We develop a Random Forest model to classify fin whale note types
that avoids manual note classification errors. We also present a method
that objectively quantifies the note and pattern composition of recordings.
We find that fin whale recordings near Hawaii have distinctive patterns,
similar to those found in other regions in the central North Pacific,
suggesting potential migration pathways. Our results are consistent with
previous studies that suggest there may be two different populations
utilizing the Chukchi Sea and central Aleutians in the fall and mix to some
degree in the southern Bering Sea. Conversely, we found little difference
between spring and fall recordings in the eastern Gulf of Alaska,
suggesting some residency of whales in this region. This is likely due to
fine scale similarities of calls among the inshore regions of British
Columbia, while offshore areas are being utilized by whales traveling from
various distant areas. This study shows how our novel approach to
characterize recordings is an objective and informative way to standardize
spatial and temporal comparisons of fin whale recordings.


*Eric Archer, Ph.D.*

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