[MARMAM] Two upcoming Special Issues on Individual Identification and Photographic Techniques

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*Two upcoming Special Issues on Individual Identification and Photographic

For enquires, e-mail:  ID.Spec.Issue at gmail.com

Two peer-reviewed Special Issues are currently in preparation for the
journals *Mammalian Biology* (*MamBio*, 5-Year Impact Factor: 1.9)
and  *Journal
of* *Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology* (*JEMBE*, 5-Year Impact
Factor: 2.3)

*- MamBio:*  Individual Identification in Mammalian Ecological and
Behavioural Research

*- JEMBE:*  Applications of Photographic Techniques in Studies of Marine

*The topic:*  Individual identification and photographic techniques have
been widely used in marine mammal studies for many years.  More recently,
they have been adopted in studies of a wide range of animal taxa, both
marine and terrestrial, from variety of mammals to reptiles, sea birds,
elasmobranchs, etc.  Similarly, dedicated computer software and image
processing applications have been growing in their data management
capabilities and analytical power.  It is safe to say that even though
photographic individual identification is well established as a research
tool, the application of photographic techniques continues to broaden and
increasingly more researchers include such techniques in their field
studies.  A compendium of research articles describing current research
developments, representative case studies, conservation management
implications, and likely future applications in studies of marine and
terrestrial mammals (MamBio) and marine vertebrates (JEMBE) will be both
timely and a good source of reference for future research.

We welcome contributions in a form of original research articles, technical
notes on methodological and/or analytical application(s), short concept
notes, or review articles (for review articles, please consult their
suitability first).


- *MamBio:*  Submissions due by Feb/Mar 2020; publication in the 3rd or
4th issue of 2020

- *JEMBE:*  Submissions due by Sep/Oct 2020; publication in the 2nd issue
of 2021

All submissions will be handled by the MamBio and JEMBE online system.
Dedicated submission portal for MamBio will be open for manuscript
submission in early-2020, and for JEMBE in mid-2020.  Accepted papers will
be published online within couple of weeks following their acceptance.
There will be no publication costs; and the whole Special Issue of *Mammalian
Biology* will be available for free download as Open Access for 1 month
following the publication, with no costs to the authors.

For expression of interest and enquires, contact the editorial team at the
following e-mail address:  ID.Spec.Issue at gmail.com
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