[MARMAM] Pinniped Entanglement Response Workshop at upcoming WMMC in Barcelona

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Thu Aug 22 12:00:47 PDT 2019

Dear MARMAM members,

If you are attending the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona in
December 2019 and are interested in pinniped entanglement response, we are
having a "Pinniped Entanglement Prevention and Response" workshop on
Sunday, December 8, from 08:30-5:30. We look forward to seeing you there!

To register for the workshop, please go to:
https://www.wmmconference.org/workshops/ and remember that early
registration for the conference closes September 4, 2019.

More details about the workshop can be found below.

*Workshop Summary: *Entanglement in marine debris and fishing gear is
increasingly recognized as a serious source of human-caused mortality for
pinniped populations world-wide. Pinniped rescue specialists and
researchers around the world are working to address this issue, but these
efforts are often made in isolation from one another. To provide increased
global collaboration and communication among scientists, non-government
organizations, non-profits, and others, the Pinniped Entanglement Group
(PEG) was created in 2009. The PEG collaborates to reduce pinniped
entanglements in marine debris and fishing gear through education,
outreach, and rescue. This workshop is intended to bring together
researchers, managers, and responders interested in working toward the
common goal of reducing global pinniped entanglements and interactions with
fishing gear. This is an opportunity to unite those already working on
pinniped entanglement prevention and response or those interested in
learning more about this topic to share ideas and exchange techniques and
methods. The morning session will consist of presentations including 1)
pinniped entanglement prevention, 2) entanglement response best practices,
3) fishery interactions and effective deterrents, 4) tool techniques and
development, and 5) outreach and education. The afternoon session will
start with a panel of experts available to answer questions followed by a
group discussion. The discussion period will provide an opportunity to
share techniques, establish new connections, identify data gaps, and plan
for next steps. This conference provides a valuable opportunity for our
global community to meet face to face to improve responses to pinniped
entanglement, advance mitigation to reduce marine plastic pollution and to
advance the global PEG and their efforts to reduce pinniped entanglements

*Dissemination of Workshop Results: *A summary report of the workshop will
be shared with workshop participants and with the global Pinniped
Entanglement Group (PEG). We would also like to produce a journal article
based on a review of the issue and identification of priorities for

If you have questions, please contact Kim Raum-Suryan at
kim.raum-suryan at noaa.gov , Dave Zahniser at zahniserd at tmmc.org, or Rebecca
McIntosh at rmcintosh at penguins.org.au
Thank you, Kim Raum-Suryan, Dave Zahniser, and Rebecca McIntosh


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