[MARMAM] Request for help in sourcing suction cups for TDRs

Rui Prieto rcabprieto at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 07:58:42 PDT 2019

Dear all,


We've been using TDRs for a long time in several studies in the Azores,
attached with a single suction cup (design attached). Our old suction cups
had a very good performance, with long attachment durations and little
migration over the body.


Unfortunately, we no longer have these suction cups and the Portuguese
manufacturer seems to have closed. We tested some similar suction cups, but
the results are disappointing. Retention times are just too short for any
meaningful study.


We would appreciate if any colleagues working with suction cup tags,
especially but not exclusively in Europe, could give information on where
you obtain your suction cups.


Please write back to rcabprieto at gmail.com with the information. In the end,
I will compile a list of providers, and post back here.


With the very best regards from the Azores,


Rui Prieto,

IMAR & OKEANOS, University of the Azores

MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, FCUL

901-862 Horta


Tel: (351) 292200475

Fax: (351) 292200411

Alternate e-mail: rprieto at mare-centre.pt



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