[MARMAM] Community Science Opportunity: sealcount.com

Sarah Wood saawood at ucsc.edu
Fri Aug 16 16:47:29 PDT 2019

Hello all,

We are seeking volunteers to help virtually count pinnipeds and birds on a
small island in California (sealcount.com). For my undergraduate senior
thesis, I will use drone imagery to census animals on Año Nuevo island
every 2 weeks for the last 3 years. With over 40,000 images of animals to
count, our research team in Dan Costa’s lab at UC Santa Cruz is hoping to
recruit some help from citizen scientists. This opportunity will allow
participants to be part of a collaborative project to better understand how
many seals, sea lions, and birds are on Año Nuevo Island during different
seasons and years, and can provide important insight into the health of
pinniped and bird populations.

Visit sealcount.com to take a brief tutorial and dive right in to counting
pinnipeds. For those who are bird-lovers, you can select the bird workflow
to count pelicans, cormorants, and gulls as well.

Thank you for your help with our project!

Happy counting,

Sarah Wood (UC Santa Cruz undergraduate student)

Roxanne Beltran (UC Santa Cruz postdoctoral fellow)

Patrick Robinson (Año Nuevo Reserve Director)
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