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Dear colleagues,

A book on the ethology and behavioral ecology of odontocetes has just been
published by Springer Nature:

Würsig B. (ed.) 2019. Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Odontocetes.
Springer Nature, Cham, Switzerland.

Information on the e-book, separate chapters, and hard copy is here:

In 23 chapters and 500 pages, a total of 40 authors describe general
patterns of ethological concepts of odontocetes in their natural
environments, with a strong bent towards behavioral ecology. Examples are
given of particularly well-studied species and species groups for which
enough data exist, especially from the past 15 years. The aim is to give a
modern flavor of present knowledge of ethology and behavior of generally
large-brained behaviorally flexible mammals that have evolved quite
separately from social mammals on land. As well, the plight of populations
and species due to humans is described in multiple chapters, with the goal
that an understanding of behavior can help to solve or alleviate at least
some human-made problems.

This is the first book in a series on the ethology and behavioral ecology
of marine mammals, with Würsig as series editor.  These other books will be
published throughout the next 2.5 years, on
2) phocids (by Daniel Costa and Elizabeth McHuron),
3) otariids and walrus (by Claudio Campagna and Rob Harcourt),
4) sea otter and polar bear (by Randall Davis and Anthony Pagano),
5) mysticetes (by Christopher W. Clark and Ellen Garland), and
6) sirens (by Helene Marsh).

Contents of the first book include:

Part I -- Patterns of Odontocete Ethology and Behavioral Ecology

Shannon Gowans
Grouping Behaviors of Dolphins and Other Toothed Whales

Peter Tyack
Communication by Sound and by Visual, Tactile, and Chemical Sensing

Robin Vaughn-Hirshorn
Social Ecology of Feeding in an Open Ocean

Dara N. Orbach
Sexual Strategies: Male and Female Mating Tactics

Janet Mann
Maternal Care and Offspring Development in Odontocetes

Stefan Bräger, Zsuzsanna Bräger
Movement Patterns of Odontocetes Through Space and Time

Mridula Srinivasan
Predator/Prey Decisions and the Ecology of Fear

Katherine McHugh
Odontocete Social Strategies and Tactics Along and Inshore

Sarah L. Mesnick, Lisa T. Ballance, Paul R. Wade, Karen Pryor, Randall R.
Oceanic Dolphin Societies: Diversity, Complexity, and Conservation

Giovanni Bearzi, Sarah Piwetz, Randall R. Reeves
Odontocete Adaptations to Human Impact and Vice Versa

Part II -- Examples of Odontocete Ethology and Behavioral Ecology: Present
Knowledge and Ways Forward

John K. B. Ford
Killer Whales: Behavior, Social Organization, and Ecology of the Oceans'
Apex Predators

Mauricio Cantor, Shane Gero, Hal Whitehead, Luke Rendell
Sperm Whale: The Largest Toothed Creature on Earth

Jim Boran, Sara Heimlich
Pilot Whales: Delphinid Matriarchies in Deep Seas

Robin W. Baird
Behavior and Ecology of Not-So-Social Odontocetes: Cuvier's and
Blainville's Beaked Whales

Randall S. Wells
Common Bottlenose Dolphin Foraging: Behavioral Solutions that Incorporate
Habitat Features and Social Associates

Richard C. Connor, Mai Sakai, Tadamichi Morisaka, Simon J. Allen
The Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus)

Marc O. Lammers
Spinner Dolphins of Islands and Atolls

Heidi C. Pearson
Dusky Dolphins of Continental Shelves and Deep Canyons

Dipani Sutaria, Nachiket Kelkar, Claryana Araújo-Wang, Marcos Santos
Cetacean Sociality in Rivers, Lagoons, and Estuaries

Rochelle Constantine
Hector's and Maui Dolphins: Small Shore-Living Delphinids with Disparate
Social Structures

Jonas Teilmann, Signe Sveegaard
Porpoises the World Over: Diversity in Behavior and Ecology

Thomas A. Jefferson
Endangered Odontocetes and the Social Connection: Selected Examples of
Species at Risk

Bernd Würsig
Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Odontocetes: Concluding Remarks
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