[MARMAM] Survey: Do Marine Mammals in Aquariums receive more freedom debate than Terrestrial Mammals in Zoos?

Sonja Samokovlija sonjasamokovlija at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 06:07:12 PDT 2019

I am doing a survey-based study about animals in captivity and professional
opinion about the same. Data collected will be used and interpreted for my
degree Honours project in Environmental Conservation, Bangor University.

This is an anonymous survey that is targeting professionals in fields of
Marine Biology, Zoology, Environmental Conservation, Veterinary Science and
Animal care specialists as well as similar fields. The survey will take
approximately 15 minutes and it is structured out of short, clear, simple
to answer questions with question types such as yes/no questions, scales,
and ranking as well as open ending questions.

If you have a few minutes to spare and fill it in please do, feel free to
ask your colleagues to do the same if they are interested. Thank you!


Public opinion questionnaire surveys can experience several types of bias,
which are proven by many previous studies (Wassermann et al. 2018). Survey
for this study, therefore, focuses on surveying educated professional to
determine whether bias can be spotted across different fields due to
exposure to debates, animal welfare, and job-creation issues. Furthermore,
this study will seek to see what opinion is shared when it comes to the
improvement of the welfare of captive mammals.
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